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IP Doxx: 7 DarkNet Markets Phishing Clones Exposed

One of the dark net plagues are phishing sites, mostly clones who mirror the markets on the fly while replacing deposit addresses as a way to steal bitcoins. There are several of them even cloning DeepDotWeb’s onion site and replacing market addresses with their own cloner sites, Today, several of them were doxxed and their real IP revealed, so i just wanted to share this for anyone who wish to hit them / report them to the hosting Abuse at OrangeWebsite, investigate them or whatever: Alphabay Crypto Market Nucleus Bitcoin Blender PayShield Bitcoin Fog Grams

We get this from time to time and from now, we will start publishing them. Not sure how long they will stay up and open, so until then – Enjoy.

Credit this time goes to: FTP Organization (fuckthepolice.org)




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