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British Woman Overdosed On N-bomb – Thought It Was Cocaine

A British woman in her 20s accidentally overdosed on 25I-NBOMe, which is also called “25I”, or “N-bomb”, and died in Paris. According to the police, the woman thought the substance was cocaine.

According to the news publication Heatst.com, the 29-year-old British woman visited one of her friends in Paris in April. In the night of April 29 and 30, they had held a party in an apartment, where the friend told the victim that she had obtained cocaine. However, the substance was not cocaine, it was N-bomb. Soon after ingesting the drug, the 29-year-old went into a coma for 11 days and died at the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris.

“The problem is that very little is known about [the drug’s] effects except that it is active from the microgram and therefore impossible to measure oneself,” Grégory Pfau, a pharmacist in the team of liaison and addictology care of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, said in a statement. Pfau added that users should be extremely cautious with such substances as N-bomb, or drugs that fall under the category of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) since users can only see instructions on the dosage on “specialized sites”.

25I-NBOMe is a psychedelic drug and derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. The substance was discovered in 2003 by chemist Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin, however, it did not emerge as a common recreational drug until 2010, when it was first sold by vendors specializing in the supply of research chemicals. According to the harm-reduction site Erowid, 25I-NBOMe is extremely potent and should not be snorted as this method of administration “appears to have led to several deaths in the past year”. As of August 2015, 25I-NBOMe has reportedly led to at least 19 overdose deaths in the United States. In June 2012, two teens in Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota fatally overdosed on 25I-NBOMe, resulting in long sentences for two of the parties involved and a Federal indictment against the Texas-based online vendor.

There are plenty of fatal overdoses associated to N-bomb in the United States, but in Europe, the drug did not cause many deaths. One major case happened on January 20, 2016, in Cork, Ireland, which left six teenagers hospitalized, one of whom later died. At least one of the teenagers suffered a cardiac arrest, according to reports, along with extreme internal bleeding.

The French paper stated that the death of the 29-year-old woman is believed as the first time anyone had died in France from N-bomb, the super-strength substance, which has similar effects as LSD.

Since N-bomb is illegal in many countries (Schedule I substance in the USA, Class A in the UK and Anklage I in Germany), the friend who gave the victim the drug has been charged with manslaughter and drug offenses. Police information also disclosed that law enforcement authorities are turning large efforts to find the supplier that sold the drug to the friend of the victim.


  1. LSD is physically harmless even at large doses. N-bomb is the bastard child of the war on drugs. Prohibition keeps piling up bodies.

  2. So they banned the relatively harmless LSD and pushed the use of this nasty alternative. Nicely done stupid politicians.

  3. Nbomb has been reported to deadly in high doses. I personally have taken large doses of nbomb (25-30mg 25C) and I am still writing this comment.
    That Nbomb is deadly is not a scientific fact BECAUSE, if you take the time to “STUDY” the autopsy reports (alleged)you find ZERO consistency between the causes of death.
    A SCIRNTIFIC FACT is a scientific fact based upon repeatable results. The Nbomb death scare is a publicity tactic, to benefit those who believe in the war on drugs and for the sellers of other psychedelics.
    Any Nbomb death report I now take with a grain of salt, I have studied all of them and I find them to be incredulous due to there scientific inconsistencies.

    When someone OD’s on Cocaine they die from a heart attack or possibly hypertension related arterial failure such as an embolism. PROVE SCIENTIFIC FACT.

    Heroin OD is also well documented and well known heart failure lung failure.

    NBOMB has been reported to ERODE and destroy every organ, with the EXCEPTION that each report has a new orrgan and a completely different cause of Death in the Post Mortem Report. There is no scientific consistency with regard to organic damage or cause of death.
    LIKE I SAID, my experience is that it is not deadly even in high doses.
    LSD was a MAJOR KILLER in the headlines of the 1960’s and it appears that Nbomb is suffering from the same YELLOW JOURNALISM.
    Maybe a super high dose could kill but there have been so many fake NBOMB DEATH reports that they have all become incredulous, and should be considered suspect.

  4. Alphaisdownandimbored

    Jesus, imaging snorting line which is 15-20+mg when you think its coke and 1mg of nbome is enough to trip out of your mind, and 2mg is overdose territory. I feel so bad that this drug even exists. The terrible thing is many ppl sell 25i-nbome as harmless lsd which ppl take multiple tabs of and could die :(. This is what prohibition does.

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