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Another German Darknet Heroin Dealer on Trial

The criminal trial against the 35-year old Paul T (not his real name) for alleged heroin and cocaine distribution through the dark web is currently in session in Germany. A cyber-cop from the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) or The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany has been the main figure, a key player in this sting operation which happened nearly a year ... Read More »

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A research study – Dark Web Marketplaces for Identity Misrepresentation

Biometric identification is increasingly becoming an indispensable technology in various issues related to the management of travelers, immigrants and refugees crossing the US borders. The biometric identification technology, as well as the processes involved in identity management and human identification represent a target for identity theft, spoofing, tampering, and impersonation. A team of researchers developed an innovative and human-in-the-loop strategy ... Read More »

Playpen Member “Clockwork” Forgot to Empty His “Trash Folder”

An investigation conducted by Europol and the German Federal Criminal Police Office led to the recent conviction and sentencing of a member of the darkweb child abuse forum “Playpen,” German news outlets reported the incident in September. During the case, the court heard information detailing the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s role in the investigations and arrests of German members of ... Read More »

Using keywords and links to perform threat intelligence analysis on onion websites

With rapid advancement of technologies on the dark web, cybercrimes are skyrocketing. Onion websites represent the main source of illegal activities across the dark web. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) aims at pinpointing onion websites that represent the ground for cybercriminal activities. Monitoring the dark web to gather threat intelligence represents a daunting and complex task. Intelligence agencies and government based ... Read More »

Suspect Behind “GermanTeam” Vendor Account Admits Fentanyl Distribution

At a recent hearing at a District Court in Dortmund, Germany, one of the three suspects accused of running a carfentanil trafficking operation through an account on a darkweb marketplace admitted to his role in the conspiracy. Three men—two brothers and a younger business associate—face lengthy prison sentences after German special forces raided their apartments in 2017 in response to ... Read More »

Polish Pedophiles Exposed By Authorities

Polish Pedophiles Exposed By Authorities   A Polish pedophile forum was brought down when Screenshots displaying terrifying content by pedophiles leaked into the local network. This prompted its admin to call in the police to act on the problem. The leaked screenshots have opened their eyes to these vicious acts. Some of the pedophiles on these networks were asking for ... Read More »

Reasons why Bitcoin crimes has reduced when compared to the previous year

The relevance of cryptocurrency in the world economy is increasing and many believe that bitcoin and crime go hand-in-hand because blockchain technology does not need any formal registration before one could create an account. However, it could be noted that an official of the US Drug Enforcement Agency had last month said that cryptocurrency crimes dropped by 80% with bitcoin contributing only 10% of such crimes presently, irrespective of its large volume of trades and holders. This could be seen by the publication on cointelegraph that US DEA crypto crimes dropped by 80%. Here are several reasons that Bitcoin crimes are reducing tremendously: There ... Read More »

Victoria College Students Dark Web Drug Sentence Could be challenged

Attorney General Robert MacRae is preparing appealing documents against the sentence imposed on a former Victoria College student. This case drew the attention of the Attorney General after a public outcry. Joel Lewis was sentenced by a Royal Court to 384 hours of community service instead of detention after being convicted of importing dark web drugs. The Crown had advised ... Read More »

Teenager Sentenced to Community Service for Ecstasy Importation

A teenage drug dealer who admitted leading a drug trafficking organization in the Bailiwick of Jersey was sentenced to almost 400 hours of community service for drug trafficking and drug possession. The sentence was considered unusual by some reporters as the prosecution requested several years of imprisonment and some of the jurors agreed with the requested prison sentences. Officers of ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Dealer Loses Appeal

According to a recent report, an appeal to get a prison sentence for Andrew Hodge reduced has been dismissed. Hodge was arrested for darknet drug distribution. He was found guilty by plea and sentenced to eight years and seven months. However, he did not think the judge would increase his years. This was more than a year ago August 2017. ... Read More »

Bitcoin Fraudster gets a Suspended Sentence

Aaron Brown, 23, a Liverpool resident was handed 18 weeks suspended sentence by Judge Ian Conrad, QC of the Liverpool Crown Court. Brown was given the sentence after he successfully defrauded two London bitcoin investors. According to Prosecutor Derek Jones, Brown made attempts of Supplying something he did not have. Brown was finally arrested and charged after having managed to ... Read More »

Alleged Dream Market Vendor “5thAvenue” Arrested in New Hampshire

According to recently unsealed court documents in a New Hampshire court, a local couple had been selling heroin on the Dream darkweb market for at least eight months. Drug Enforcement Administration special agents in Florida launched the investigation in early 2018 and New Hampshire police arrested the suspected darkweb drug drug dealers on August 27, 2018. The couple, a Drug ... Read More »

Pedophile Avoids Jail in Darkweb Child and Animal Abuse Case

After a jury at Worcester Crown Court found a local pedophile guilty of three counts of producing child abuse images and one count of possession of an “extreme pornagraphic” picture depicting the abuse of an animal, a recorder sentenced the man to a two-year suspended sentence. The man had downloaded an unknown number of explicit pictures involving children from the ... Read More »

New-Zealander Receives Sentence for Second Time with Quiet Court Room

The District Court in Christchurch, New Zealand has ordered a sentence for the second time to 33-year-old Teariki Adrian Kura. His punishment of four years and five months will now be served officially as all charges have been applied to the sentence. He has been sitting in jail for over two years awaiting this verdict for ordering 28 grams of ... Read More »