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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 31.12.2018

Last week started by bitcoin price testing the resistance around $4,285.4, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement; however, the market’s bulls failed to push price above this critical resistance level as bitcoin price bounced off it and began dropping. After a week low of $3,686 was recorded on Thursday, bitcoin price began rising again to exceed the $4,000 mark. ... Read More »

German Man Sentenced to Probation for Buying Guns on Alphabay

A judge in a Bavarian courtroom sentenced a defendant to one year of probation for ordering several firearms and packages of ammunition from a vendor on the Alphabay market. However, since the man had not planned to use the guns, even the prosecutor agreed that prison was not necessary. At a hearing at the Schwandorf District Court, District Judge Ewald ... Read More »

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Research: Using HEVC to hide bitcoin transaction information

In the world of digital currencies, security and privacy represent a serious challenge. Since the launch of bitcoin, many hack attacks have occurred, leading to the loss of millions of dollars. Furthermore, when bitcoins are stolen, not only the direct victim is affected, but also the whole bitcoin market is undermined by considerable fluctuations in bitcoin’s price. Every node across ... Read More »

Rutgers Football Team Players Indicted in Dark Web Credit Card Fraud Scheme

Earlier this year, eight football players from Rutgers were relieved of their duties on the team because they were alleged to be involved in a credit card fraud scheme that resulted in the victims’ loss of thousands of dollars. After an intensive investigation, the law enforcement unravelled that the team players acquired the stolen credit card account numbers from dark ... Read More »

CoinFlux CEO Arrested in Romania for Alleged Crimes in the US

The Romanian Organized Crime Brigade and United States Secret Service arrested the CEO of a Romanian cryptocurrency exchange for computer fraud, money laundering, and several similar charges. United States authorities worked with law enforcement in Romania to arrest Vlad Nistor, the CEO of CoinFlux. Now, according to numerous Romanian news outlets, the United States Department of Justice is working to ... Read More »

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Research: Using association rule learning with darknet traffic analysis to identify IoT malware

During the past few years, the rapid advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has introduced transformational changes to our life. Nevertheless, the sophistication of IoT systems comes at the expense of a rise in the severity of cyberattacks that exploit vulnerabilities in IoT devices. In particular, the aftermath of a recently discovered IoT malware, known as Mirai, was ... Read More »

The Music Industry is Lobbying for a New Internet Censorship Bill Like SOPA/PIPA

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) recently issued a joint letter in which they asked Vishal Amim, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC), to consider the option of site blocking for copyright infringements. IPEC is better known as the IP czar, a government office created by a 2008 act of the United ... Read More »

A Glock 17 secured at a gun dealer in Marburg. Photo: Arne Dedert / Archive

Belgian Man Avoids Jail After Buying a Glock on the Dark Web

A Belgian man was sentenced to probation for purchasing a Glock and a silencer on the dark web. The court heard that the man had purchased the gun for the protection of his home and family after a burglar had broken into the family home. Driven by the bombings at the Brussels Airport, a 31-year-old man from Hainaut, Belgium, searched ... Read More »

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Research: Identification of cyber threats across non-English darknet marketplaces

Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) technologies are being utilized to alleviate the consequences of cyber attacks via identification of malicious threats springing up in various online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces, internet relay chats (IRCs), carding shops, and hacker forums represent the most prominent examples of online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces are unique and pivotal components of these online platforms because ... Read More »

Operation Golalde Seize over 3000 Weapons Aimed at the Dark Web

Operation Golalde launched by the Civil Guard in 2015 has reported success in its effort to dismantle weapon trade and organized crimes on the dark web. Over 3000 long and shot weapons secured for sale on dark web marketplaces have been seized with hundreds of suspects arrested, some of whom have been convicted. The operation was launched by the Civil ... Read More »


Research: Bitcoin user identification via deep neural networks

Privacy protection and relative anonymity represent the most favorable currency features of bitcoin. Unlike submitting a great deal of personal information in order to open a bank account, one only needs a pseudonym, which is also referred to as a hashed public key or an address, to be able to use bitcoin. Unless intentionally revealed, it is relatively hard to ... Read More »

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Research: The anonymity dilemma of the darknet – Freedom of speech vs governmental control

The darknet is not merely a place for criminal behavior; it facilitates secure, anonymous online communication between individuals adopting marginalized positions such as whistleblowers, human right activists, and dissidents. The darknet has been associated with a criminal, mystical, and threatening aura. This has been catalyzed by reports on darknet marketplaces that facilitate the trading of illicit drugs and weapons. Discussions ... Read More »