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Mississippi Man Admits Importing Synthetic Cannabinoids to Resell Locally

A Mississippi man pleaded guilty on October 17 to importing the synthetic cannabinoid AB-PINACA and possessing firearms in furtherance of a felony drug trafficking crime, according an announcement from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern Mississippi region. The man had been ordering cannabinoids from a supplier on the internet, preparing them for distribution, and then selling them out ... Read More »

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Medical big data is offered for sale on the darknet

Recently, the concept of the so-called Big Data has become more and more popular, which in the simplest way can be defined as data characterized by extensive volume, diversity and variability. Their analysis goes far beyond simple operations on one given type of information and includes aspects of data analysis, such as the generation of hypotheses, and not simply testing ... Read More »

Connecticut Medical Examiner Expects 1,000 Fatal Overdoses by 2018

In Connecticut, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner announced that by the end of 2017, more than 1,000 people will have died due to drug overdose. In the August 28 press release, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. James Gill revealed his predictions for the remainder of the year, along with statistics on the state’s “opioid crisis.” On August 30, Dr. ... Read More »

Newly Stolen Medical Records Auctioned on Darknet Site

Relatively speaking, Lithuania amassed their fair share of data breaches within the past five years. In many cases, the hacks occurred both inside and outside the medical sector—the medical breaches, though carried less of a foreign impact than the others. However, a Lithuanian plastic surgery clinic recently landed in the spotlight for a data breach that showcased patient pictures on ... Read More »


British Festival Dealer Who Sold Drugs To Pay For Medical Treatment Jailed

A student in the United Kingdom had been previously arrested for selling narcotics at a festival to pay his medical treatment. Now, he was sentenced to prison before the Exeter Crown Court. Lewis Rawlinson, a 19-year-old student, according to the court documents, imported narcotics from abroad (mostly from the Netherlands), which he allegedly bought on the dark web, and resold ... Read More »

The Price for your Hacked Medical Records Just Went Down

Leaked data stories have flooded the news lately as the rise in cyber related crimes has sky rocketed. It got so bad at one point, medical records were a prime target. Hackers might start thinking twice about putting in the work to retrieve those files of private data now. A recent study by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and ... Read More »


Researchers Tell The Senate How Medical Records End Up On The Deepweb

In a report prepared for the U.S. Senate, two security researchers detail why electronic healthcare records (EHR) are being stolen. According to Symantec’s April 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, healthcare was the most targeted and most valuable sector in 2015. EHR hacking has grown innumerably since then. One entity, in particular, has been behind the majority of EHR compromised this ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Ohio But Cannot Be Legally Obtained

“To say that medical marijuana is legal in the state of Ohio is not really a true sentence,” Nicole Scholten said. “To say that the first steps of the law take effect today is a true statement.” As of Thursday, September 8, 2016, Ohio became the 25th state to make marijuana legal for certain medical conditions. Many Ohio residents, including ... Read More »

Tor’s Co-Creator: Your Medical Records Have Bullseyes On Them

Paul Syverson, Co-creator of the Tor web browser met with journalists and tech professionals Thursday saying, “I invented the dark web.”  This meeting was part of the “Inside the Dark Web” conference. The topics of anonymized onion routing, and cybercrime on the internet. “Medical identity theft is poised to take over as the primary form of identity theft,” Syverson noted. ... Read More »