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Authorities Recover $28,000 in a Criminals Dark Web Phishing Scam

TUCSON, AZ – Authorities from Special financial Investigation recovered $28,000 in a criminal dark web phishing scam, funds stolen from a Tucson woman. According to Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General in Arizona, his office committed to the fight against dark web cybercrimes and fraud currently is increasing the work involved. ““My Office organized a team of cybercrime professionals who joined ... Read More »


Google Study Says Phishing Attacks Are the Biggest Threats to Web Users

A study by Google discovered that phishing attacks through fake emails were as effective as compared to data breaches that exposed usernames and passwords. Cyber criminals or cyber groups manage to steal over 25,000 valid sets of web credentials for Gmail accounts every week, painting a picture of the extent this problem has reached. Hackers are constantly searching for, and ... Read More »


Researchers Discover Sneaky Phishing Attacks on Credentials, Sold on Dark Web

A new type of PDF phishing attack has emerged, with analysts claiming that the attack originated from Western Africa based on the IP addresses evaluated during previous investigations. The attack embeds phishing URLs to the attached PDF that redirect users to a phishing platform that steal user credentials. According to Silicon, dark web security specialists Flashpoint first discovered and investigated ... Read More »

ProtonMail May Have Hacked Phishing Site

A popular secure e-mail provider, known as ProtonMail, may have recently hacked back against scammers who were operating a phishing site which presented itself as ProtonMail in order to try and steal user credentials, such as user login names and passwords. ProtonMail is based in Switzerland and created in 2013 by researchers from CERN and MIT. They offer both free ... Read More »

Lithuanian Court gives Green Light for Man to be extradited to the U.S. in Phishing Case

A local court in Vilnius, Lithuania on Monday approved for a businessman suspected of defrauding more than $100 million out of two major multinational tech companies, Google and Facebook in a cyber crime case to be extradited to the United States. Although the U.S. indictment failed to mention the names of the companies, Snieguole Uzdanaviciene, Rimasauskas’ attorney, said the firms ... Read More »

Phishing: Tactics And Tools Explained

Phishing (password harvesting fishing) is one of the most effective technique that hackers use to steal your credentials. Phishing is a mix of social engineering and computer skills that consists of pretending to be a reputable organization asking you to do a certain security procedure; this procedure involves changing your password or revealing your bank credentials. The innocent user is ... Read More »

Man Admits Phishing $365k in BTC on the Darknet

Michael Richo, a 35-year-old Connecticut man, pleaded guilty to charges linked to a $365,000 Bitcoin phishing scam on June 27. He admitted that he created fake login pages to popular darknet marketplaces and farmed the credentials. He then logged into their real account and withdrew Bitcoin balances. We wrote about Richo after his arrest in 2016. The defendant spread phishing ... Read More »

Phishing Attack Potentially Compromised 18k Employees

In nearly every industry, phishing emails are all but scarce. Not all make headlines. And never are two separate instances identical. Each company might face different degrees of fallout. And many factors are responsible for this. One of which is the size of the company—and a recent phishing attack at a US media company Gannett Co—exemplifies the type of large ... Read More »

German Ordered Narcotics From The Dark Web And Sent Out 46,000 Phishing Emails

Law enforcement authorities arrested a man from Montabaur, Germany for sending out approximately 46,000 phishing emails, and for ordering drugs from the dark net. According to a press release, the Cybercrime Center (LZC) of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Koblenz accused a 27-year-old man from Montabaur of computer hacking. According to the results of the investigation conducted by the ... Read More »

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Phishing Attacks on Bitcoin Wallets Surge as Bitcoin Price Skyrockets

During the past 24 hours, bitcoin price exceeded the $900 mark for the first time during the past 3 years. The reason behind this recent price surge is not completely clear, especially that the value of bitcoin has increased by more than 100% in less than 6 months. Whenever the price of bitcoin surges, cybercriminals’ interest in cryptocurrencies in general ... Read More »

Connecticut Man Arrested For Phishing Deepweb Logins And Stealing Bitcoins

Michael Richo, 34, of Wallingford, Connecticut, is accused of posting links to fake darknet marketplaces to various online forums. Like any other phishing scheme, the links take the victim to a login page similar to the intended destination. The pages may be indistinguishable from the original marketplace login. The FBI began looking into the man regarding his involvement in a ... Read More »

IP Doxx: 7 DarkNet Markets Phishing Clones Exposed

One of the dark net plagues are phishing sites, mostly clones who mirror the markets on the fly while replacing deposit addresses as a way to steal bitcoins. There are several of them even cloning DeepDotWeb’s onion site and replacing market addresses with their own cloner sites, Today, several of them were doxxed and their real IP revealed, so i ... Read More »

Beware of Phishing Scams On Clearnet Sites! (darknetmarkets.org)

AVOID  – The Most recent scam list responsible for spreading phishing url to unsuspecting visitors has been located on this site: darknetmarkets.o r g/mark ets (added spaces in the url) Do not visit that site or use any of the links on that list as they are redirecting to phishing urls that will steal your market login credentials and quite ... Read More »

Warning: More Onion Cloner Phishing Scams

No, its not new, but another round of “onion cloner” phishing scam is going around that will not only log your user and password but you cookies as well when you are logged into markets, this is the recent info as it was provided to us by Alphabay admin “DS”: Original warning link on the forum: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/index.php?threads/warning-phishing-links.4414/ Thanks to DS ... Read More »